»During the past 15 years our family business has developed into a successful group of companies. Starting as a solution supplier for the building and concrete industry in Scandinavia, we have solidly increased our size in the European pigment and additives market.

Through global adjustment, our medium-sized enterprise has become a technology carrier for customers in the building, lacquer and paint industry. High quality requirements and exceptional price-service-level form the basis for a successful company history.

About 10 years ago, we´ve begun to develop alternative iron oxide pigments together with our Chinese partner. Nowadays, investing in two manufacturing enterprises makes us an independent producer in the global market. During this investment, raw material requirements, quality requirements and development of new products were given priority.

We also undertook some big investments in Europe. Our factory in Sonderborg was upgraded with mixing/painting and packaging technology and its capacity increased to 20.000 tons per year.

Meanwhile, we continue to enlarge our own sales offices. Besides our warehouse, competent and local contact persons are at the disposal of our customers in many European countries.

As a manufacturer of colour pigments and concrete additives, we produce and supply directly to our customers. Simple and direct structures have made us successful.


The future belongs to innovative ideas that convince the customers in a functional and economic way.

That’s what we are here for!«