Quality & Development

»Long-term partnerships are based on trust. For Omnicon quality is a promise which we like to be measured by.«

OMNICON is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. In addition, all products are tested in accordance with EN 12878 and EN 934 for concrete admixtures and approved for use in armored concrete. Furthermore, Omnicon is registered as a manufacturer under REACH. Our in-house quality assurance is equipped with modern measuring and testing equipment. This enables us to conclude transparent and individual quality agreements.

Based on this OMNICON has developed practical procedures for their clients that complement existing standards. Thus, agreed limits can be documented for every delivery and reference samples are available, if needed.

OMNICON guarantees the customer the safe use of our products, as these lie within the limits of constantly higher requirements from norms and laws. Thus, we do not only fulfill all requirements and needs but are far below the specified maximum values.

Our own color and concrete laboratories are able to provide assistance regardinge the use of our products, which also includes the production part. This service is of great benefit for our customers. 

In a rapidly changing world, innovation is a very important criteria for succes. For OMNICON traditional and well-known products are the basis for new solutions and only through the close contact to our customers we have been able to turn a great amount of ideas into new products. Based on our experience and creativity OMNICON is seen as one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

»OMNICON's history is based on the customers wish for new possibilites and alternatives. So far, we have been succesful in fulfilling these needs and furthermore to set new standards.«